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TO ADVANCE REASON, JUSTICE AND INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS: I support ARI because its mission is critical to human survival. Altruism is virtually unchallenged in government, in education and throughout all culture. Thus, its dominance is expanding to lethal dimensions. The responsibility of rational thought is no longer learned at home or in school. When I tell people that I choose to live my life by reason, the typical response is, "Well, I just don't share that belief system." I see my own mission and that of ARI to be building a critical mass of Objectivist thinking by private and public communication in whatever forms are available. You may consider me officially "on the team."

Alan Bertram, accountant/private investor
Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

The teaching and programs of the Ayn Rand Institute are the best way to disseminate, on an ever-expanding scale, Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand, and to consequently achieve a secure future for reason, justice, and individual rights. This goal is the motive for my support and bequest.

Peter Trnkoczy, manufacturer (retired)
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Because correct philosophical ideas are so important — so fundamental-to human beings, it is crucial that Ayn Rand's ideas continue to be heard.

This conviction is why we support ARI with regular donations from our income. Substantial proceeds from our estate will also fund the advancement of her philosophy.

Mark and Susan Hurt, physicians
Saint Louis, Missouri

Because I enjoy living and creating wealth, I want certainty that after I die my wealth will only be used for what I scrupulously know is good and great. ARI gives me that certainty — because it acts on and even promotes the only fully consistent principles ever: the philosophy of Ayn Rand. I'm delighted to name ARI as my beneficiary.

Peter F. Murphy, entrepreneur
Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Over the years I have come to realize what great value the ideas of Ayn Rand are to me. They opened a window of understanding that I did not even know existed. To bequeath my estate to ARI is to support those values.

Adri Kalisvaart, electrical engineer
Lincoln, Rhode Island

I have been a regular monthly Electronic Funds Transfer contributor to ARI for several ears. When I die, I want my assets to continue working for my highest philosophical values. That means writing a will that leaves something to individuals whose values I respect, but the remainder to ARI, an institution that will live beyond the lifetime of any particular individuals. But, now, while I am still alive, I feel a lot of satisfaction knowing that my earnings are and will continue to help make my ideals become real. Working with ARI in looking at the many options available is the best step to take to make sure plans become realities.

Burgess Laughlin, author
Portland, Oregon

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